Month: January, 2020


Sanctuary Nightmares: the injustice of US immigration policy

Rosamond Chung With the situation of “illegal immigrants” coming into the United States, it is no wonder that sanctuary cities have arisen as its forefront dilemma. It is also hardly surprising that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents have been under fire by the left. Matthew Albence, director of ICE, believes that not allowing these…

Our Environment Needs Our Involvement
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Our Environment Needs Our Involvement

Jaeryung Park During the short transition time between classes, most students visit the Dragon Shop and get a piece of candy. It takes at most five seconds to unwrap the packaging and throw it away. Daily, students can casually buy a bottle of Gatorade or a refreshing drink from Starbucks. Thus, it is effortless to…

Student Life

Student opinions on Foshan trip divided

Adya Patil Every November, a group of freshmen in the Humanities 1 in Action course head to 2 orphanages in Foshan, China for 3 days. It’s considered a highlight of the course, presenting students with the jarring reality and consequences of the now terminated One Child Policy. However, after coming back from the trip, some…